Our very first outfit post!

 I am one of four redheaded sisters that are located across the Pacific Northwest. Our interests are pretty varied, but we are a creative family. That creativity extends to what we wear, and how much we are willing to pay for it. I’m Rachel, 29, an art student located in the Portland, OR area, and this is what I wore today…Image

B&W shirt from Marshalls, purchased by Mama L

Cami underneath, same deal.

Black pants from St Vincent de Paul (local thrift store) $ 4.25

Black rose necklace bought from Fred Meyers years ago, on sale.

 And a book recommendation! If you are feeling particularly ambitious and creative about your thrift store finds, you might want to check out New Dress a Day: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Fashion Dos from Thrift Store Donts, by Marisa Lynch. The title is cheesy, but she has some good ideas on re-working pieces that don’t quite work, but that you like.

 This blog is brand-new, so please feel free to comment! What is your favorite local thrift store?


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